GS Elektromedizinische Geräte

We have been collaborating closely and successfully with GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH in Kaufering since May 2004. Together we develop systems which offer maximum support to paramedics in emergency situations. In this context, an integrated approach to EMS and all partners involved is decisive.


medDV Founding Partner and Managing Director Gunter Ernst worked at Physio-Control before beginning his studies in Biomedical Engineering. Today we have an interface to import the data of the Lifepak family into NIDAmobile.


interBOS develops software solutions that support the billing of patient transportation and EMS services. In many joint projects, the relevant billing and accounting data is collected at the scene of the incident. This data is edited in several stages until being transferred to health insurances. In so doing, we consider all legal regulations concerning machine-readable data and data carriers.


WEINMANN developed MEDUMAT Transport for the ventilation of patients in emergency situations and for intensive care transportation. The medDV team supported WEINMANN in developing an interface for the data exchange between MEDUMAT Transport and other mobile medical devices.


ISE develops ready-to-use, highly available IT solutions for dispatch centres and service centres. Since 2007, medDV has been cooperating with ISE. Many interfaces and innovations have resulted from this collaboration.


OMNIKEY is a global leader of innovative smart card readers. The product range includes readers ad components of desktop, PCMCIA and SIM card readers, as well as readers with a PIN pad and a display for secure data transmission.

Hans Peter Esser GmbH

The company has been specialised in multifunctional defibrillators, monitoring systems and e-learning for Emergency Medical Services and hospitals for more than 30 years. It offers sales, training, support and services.


E/M/C offers software solutions for social services since 1995. E/M/C is a system partner of established software manufacturers and operates in the fields of enterprise resource planning, financial and cost accounting, payroll accounting as well as outpatient and stationary care. As a software manufacturer, E/M/C is specialised in emergency medical services, patient transfer services, transport services for handicapped people, meals on wheels and payroll accounting for persons doing community services. Moreover, the company develops individual software solutions for its customers.