Optimising Emergency Care in the Case of Cerebral Stroke

After a cerebral stroke, different disciplines collaborate in the treatment and support of the patient. The “INSPIRE” project investigates how the medical care of patients who have suffered a cerebral stroke can be measured, designed and evaluated.

Telematic applications and a patient counsellor coordinate, support and improve patient care. All the steps in patient care are considered: from emergency rescue to follow-up care. These processes are reviewed and the project team analyses in which way the individual processes contribute to patient care.

medDV works closely with the four main partners of INSPIRE: FZI - Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe, KSRI Karlsruhe Service Research Institute, Bad Neustadt Neurological Clinic and the district association of the Bavarian Red Cross of Lower Franconia in Würzburg.

More information on the INSPIRE project at: www.inspire-healthcare.de.