Speed is Critical in the Case of Cerebral Stroke

Treatment success in the case of a cerebral stroke depends largely on whether the adequate therapy is applied promptly. To this end, ZTM – Zentrum für Telemedizin e.V. in Bad Kissingen, medDV, FZI – the Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe and the Bad Neustadt Neurological Clinic cooperate in the “Stroke Angel” project.

Together, we have developed an organisational technological system which ensures the fast and qualified medical care of patients who have suffered a cerebral stroke. It is essential for all parties involved in the rescue chain to integrate seamlessly. NIDAmobile enables the ambulance team to collect important patient information with a handheld computer and to transfer this information to the admitting hospital. In this way, the medical team at the hospital can prepare for the patient even before the ambulance arrives.

More information on the Stroke Angel project at: www.strokeangel.de