NIDA simplifies Accounting Processes

Most accounting and ERP systems use so-called master data. This includes, among others, cost units, vehicle radio call signs and lists of personnel, tariffs and towns. With NIDA, this master data can be provided for the mobile unit and can also be updated by the ambulance crew. Moreoever, the data of the electronic health card can be imported. In this way, the subsequent accounting of operations can be significantly simplified.

In contrast to handwritten protocols, digital pens or other data collection systems, NIDA is able to check the completeness of protocols directly at the scene of the emergency and to notify the user of errors. By importing the master data of the invoicing system, data entry is facilitated and manual editing can be minimised. The subsequent data transfer to the invoicing system can be performed in various ways, depending on which software solution is used.

NIDA integrates various solutions for accounting and billing, such as inter-BOS, ISE, Swissphone and EMC.

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