Fast and Complete Communication of Comprehensive Information

The dispatch centre has a key role in managing and coordinating emergency operations. With NIDA, the dispatch centre can electronically transfer operation details to the mobile teams. Thus, they no longer need to rely on radio communication and can save valuable time in critical situations. Moreover, mistakes and misunderstandings due to radio interferences can be avoided.

When using NIDA, the mobile emergency unit receives all the information about an operation at a glance. The dispatch centre can communicate new operations as well as updates.

Seamless Coordination between Dispatchers and Mobile Rescue Teams

Dispatchers offer valuable assistance to patient care at the scene of an incident. For example, they coordinate additional support for the ambulance crew and organise the patient admission at the hospital. When communication with the mobile team only relies on a radio connection, the dispatcher often only receives incomplete information. These problems can be avoided by using NIDA.