Exploiting the Advantages of Early and Comprehensive Information

Studies have proven that, regarding the admission and initial care of an incoming emergency patient, hospitals can save more than 30 minutes when using NIDA. In addition, hospitals can better plan how to handle emergencies. Patient care can be optimised, and patient flows at the hospital can be managed even before the ambulance arrives.

Depending on the package you decide for, you receive process support of varying degrees:

  • Improved communication between hospital and ambulance crew
  • Transferring the emergency protocol as PDF file
  • Faster, more efficient and better medical care for emergency patients with the appropriate team and medical devices
  • Readily available comprehensive patient information such as vital parameters, trends, rest ECGs and photos
  • Standardisation of processes in the case of special indications such as stroke or ACS
  • Optimised management of rooms, occupancies, medical devices and staff
  • High data quality: standardised pre-registration process and capability of transferring the mobile rescue team protocol to the digital patient file
  • Maximum flexibility due to multiple interfaces and a highly adaptable software solution