Optimising Controlling and Management Processes

“Quality” is hardly measureable for emergency medical care. However, only by in-depth analysis of missions and operations, can ambulance coordinators and medical directors of emergency services as well as managing directors and office heads discover and eliminate weak points. Hence, the results of such analyses are fundamental for optimising quality.

NIDA offers comprehensive and flexible reporting and analysis options to managers. At the same time, NIDA is an excellent analysis tool for the emergency staff.

Evaluate Your Personal Performance with NIDAfeedback

With NIDAfeedback, every member of the rescue team gets a personal feedback on his performance. This NIDA module creates standardised static reports which are edited for a clear graphical representation on a monthly basis. One the one hand, employees can assess their own performance. On the other hand, they are enabled to compare their own figures with the overall figures of their stations and associations.

This feedback has been established as an important instrument of employee motivation and quality management in many organisations. The NIDA security and role concept ensures that every employee can only view his own personal data. This information is not accessible to third parties.

NIDAanalysis: Comprehensive Management Reports and Analyses

NIDAanalysis is an excellent basis for an effective quality and process management. This solution offers a convenient dashboard interface to ambulance coordinators, medical directors of emergency services, managing directors and office heads. It allows them to view and evaluate all critical operation details comprehensively. They can generate explorative analyses by all data gathered in the emergency protocol. Furthermore, the drill-down functionality of NIDAanalysis enables them to view relevant information in detail.

With this NIDA module, users can set filters and create individual analyses. On this basis, processes can be optimised. It is even possible to determine whether team trainings are necessary. In addition, users can acquire valuable insights for the operational planning and coordination of vehicles. The report data can be exported for further analysis.