The Hardware for Mobile Data Collection in EMS

NIDApad is specially designed for the use of mobile rescue teams. It withstands all stresses in rescue operations and has been developed by practitioners who know the challenges of rescue missions from their own personal experience.

NIDApad supports the communication of operational details between dispatch centre and ambulance. It facilitates the navigation to the scene of the incident, comprehensive operation documentation and electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) as well as the transmission of operational data to the admitting hospital. For this purpose, NIDApad has a robust case with a smooth surface structure for easier disinfection and to offer protection against water splashes. The device can be used intuitively and offers convenient touchscreen data collection.

Comprehensive Technical Equipment for all Applications

  • Display: 11.6” widescreen multitouch display in full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixel)
  • 2 rechargeable lithium batteries (Hot Swappable)
  • Anti-drop protection
  • 2 LTE modems with 2 SIM card slots
  • Splash- and dust-resistant according to IP 54
  • DIN EN 1789
  • Front camera: autofocus, 3 MP, rear camera: autofocus, 5 MP, bar code and QR code recognition
  • Integrated loudspeakers and microphone
  • Docking station: charging units for two additional rechargeable batteries
  • 2 smartcard readers
  • Hard drive capacity: 128 GB SSD, working memory: 8 GB RAM, processor: Apollo Lake Quad Core
  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth
  • RFID/NFC reader
  • USB interface: 1 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0
  • GPS
  • Ethernet
  • Brightness sensor, sunlight readable
  • Acceleration sensor
  • Weight: 1.8 kg

NIDApad: A Reliable Companion

By using NIDApad together with the medDV NIDA solution suite, all parties involved in the rescue chain – including dispatch centres, mobile rescue teams and hospitals – can significantly improve and accelerate their processes and documentation, data collection and communication. At the same time, the collaboration in these areas can be sustainably improved in the interests of optimal patient care.